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Loneliness is shutting the door with nowhere to go…..

Philipa at Changepeople

Depressed_womanLoneliness is shutting the door with nowhere to go. I like meeting other people with learning disabilities. It’s dead hard, when you go home, you go into your personal world. I live on an estate. Shouting outside wakes me up from my sleep. I live in a very rough area. Not meeting other people means we get lonely. Sometimes I get lonely. At weekends, there’s not a lot to do, not a lot of friends where I live. We can be isolated. We don’t go out much at night time because we’re scared in case we get attacked. It’s harder if you have a learning disability because people make fun of us, like calling us names like ‘spastic’. It’s horrible when this happens. I feel like I’m knotted up inside. I feel like if I shout back it’ll get worse so I have to carry on walking and be very…

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