his is a fabulous piece by Lucy Small – @thesmallplaces – exploring looping and how people “become” or are expected to become the labels attributed to them. Many people living with dementia are labelled. I hear of “wanderers” , “screamers”, “double handers” , “softs”(people who manage with a soft diet). By using labels as the primary reference point for a person we diminish them to difference and ultimately indifference . That otherness, created through difference, can foster an environment where the person is seen as less than equal. In such settings, poor care, and sometimes ultimately abuse ,can happen (Tan)

The Small Places

I live in Bristol, and work in Cardiff, so I spend a lot of time on buses and trains, and whilst I’m pretty efficient at working on buses and trains I’ve always hated that ‘waiting around’ time at stations and stops… until I discovered podcasts.  Like millions of others, I got hooked on Serial and the Moth, and now I think I may have a new favourite: Invisibilia.  Produced by NPR (like Serial), Invisibilia ‘is about the invisible forces that control human behavior – ideas, beliefs, assumptions and emotions’.  Sounds a bit… weird?  If you do nothing else this weekend, listen to Batman, it’s first episode (sent to me by Alison R – thanks Alison!).  Listen to it whilst you’re washing up, driving somewhere, running on a treadmill.  And if listening isn’t the medium for you, there’s a transcript.

Batman opens with a discussion of an incredible experiment by

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